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Retrieval of Boxes

About the Procedure

1. Received Work Order Request Form (WORF) form CLIENT via FAX. EMAIL, ONLINE/LIVE SUPPORT. 2. Quickpak RMD Staff will check if WORF are properly filled out and approved by CLIENT’s authorized officer/signatories. 3. Quickpak RMD Staff (QRMD) inputs the barcode ID of the requested item via Quickpak system. 4. QRMD verifies the status of the requested item. If the boxes is OUT, QRMD will advise the CLIENT (requestor) that the item is OUT already. 5. QRMD processes the Work Request via Quickpak System by locating the item. 6. QRMD prints the Work Order Request Form and forwards it to Officer in Charge OIC for validation. 7. OIC signs the work Order Request Form and returns it to QRMD Staff for retrieval. 8. QRMD will forward WORF to our delivery crew for dispatching.

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