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About the Procedure


Your business data is only valuable if it’s readily accessible when you need it our system keep your records secure yet accessible via leading edge barcode technology that track your records in real time and tell you exactly what you have in inventory. And with our rapid retrieval service, you get your records when you need them.


• On-Site File Room Management- We indexes your paper records, using barcodes for easy tracking. Our experts can train you records staff in our best practices approach, or stay on-site to manage your file room on a consultative basis.

• Off-Site Storage and Record Management- If you need to close or downsized your existing file room transfer your records to one of our highly secure “out sourced file rooms” It’s a great way to maximize space, save money, and purge inactive files, Files are always easy to access; our rapid retrieval service delivers your records when you need them. With delivery options that include regular service (next day delivery) and expedited service (in two hours or less)

• Secure Shredding- Once your inactive records have reactive the end of their lifecycle, Shred-it document destruction services will destroy them and present you with a Certificate of Destruction.

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