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Migration Process

About the Procedure

From CLIENT office to Quickpak Warehouse/Facility: After all the boxes have been sealed and signed, the Authorized Signatory of CLIENT will fill-up send to archive Specialist or to Warehouse Head via email a copy of Request Form that will indicate the following: • Name of the Authorized Signatory initiating the request • Name, Address, and Contact Number of the Client • Bar Codes of the boxes for Pick-up and/or Delivery • Total Number of boxes for Pick-up and/or Delivery • Alternate Code or Box No. • Department • Remarks Client will also provide QUICKPAK the following information for ONLINE Tracking Purposes, Quickpak will provide CLIENT’s Authorized Representative a LOG-IN and Password. A copy of the Request Form sent by CLIENT (Through e-mail) will be issued by Qucikpak RMD Staff and will serve as Transaction Receipt for all the boxes that will be picked-up. Secure loading onto the truck takes place after the issuance of the copy of the Request Form. The representative of CLIENT will take note of the driver’s name, truck description and vehicle license plate number prior to leaving the premises.

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