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Destruction & Disposal

About the Procedure

If the records are in the boxes, the label outside the box will be used to determine the retention schedule of the files inside. If it is not boxed, the files/records will be put together with the rest of files/records with the same retention schedule. An inventory of these records will be made and an encoded master list will be generated. These list will be sent back to the client for comments and/or suggestions as to whether to push with the disposal or retain the files for a much longer time (client must be specific on the length of extension the files must be retained) Destruction of Boxes in our facilities cannot take place without the Written approval of the duly authorized Officer or Representative and the Physical presence of at least one (1) client’s authorized representative. A Destruction Certificate will be given to the company as proof that the records had been safely destroyed with the attached list of the disposed records.

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