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Moving Procedure Provide working permit and move out / in gate pass to avoid any hazzle during the time of move. All large and built in furniture’s will be dismantled for quick transfer likewise reassemble after the move. All large furniture’s will be transferred using plot dolly, while boxes will be transferred using pushcarts, but for heavy items like vaults will be transferred using pallet jack to prevent from the damages of the building floor particularly the said items. All big items like furniture’s, fixtures, appliances and machines will be transferred using open tracks to easily enter ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the basement of the building and vice versa to minimize the time frame most specially it will not exert more force from the manpower. All small items like equipments, appliances, files, documents or any related sensitive items will be transferred using closed van truck for safe transfer. Provide hauling ticket / packing list / inventory list prior moving and to be signed by client authorized representative both origin and destination for security of both parties. Positioning / arrangement, unpacking, dismantling / assembling and collection of debris packing / crating materials as well as to dispose. All items will be professionally transferred using our regular movers with assigned supervisors both origin and destination.

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